How to get honeycomb in Minecraft

Obtaining honey in Minecraft, ,

HONEYCOMB in Minecraft is used to create new objects such as a beehive, a candle, stairs and so much more.

Here we will show you how to get honeycomb and then use it in Minecraft.

How to get honeycomb in Minecraft

This is the step-by-step guide on how you can get yourself some honeycomb in the popular creative video game.

Craft shears

To obtain the honeycomb, you need shears.

To create some simply put an iron ingot in the middle slot of your crafting table and then another in the bottom-left slot.

Now you have the necessary equipment to hunt some honey.

You should light a fire under the nest before taking the honey to stop the bees from attacking you

Find a bee nest

Now you need to find a bee nest, which is normally in a tree with bees buzzing around it.

To take the honey though the “honey level” will need to be up by five.

So during the daytime and when it’s not raining, the bees will scatter around looking for pollen and then return to their nest and fill the level by one.

Eventually, when the limit is reached, the honey will start oozing out of the nest.

Light a fire

It is best to light a fire under the bee nest or a campfire five blocks below it.

This is because once you start taking the honey, the bees will escape the nest and start attacking you until you’re stung and poisoned.

The smoke from the fire can help to calm down the bees and stop them from chasing you.

Harvest the honey

Now you can approach the nest and use your shears to obtain three units of honeycomb as the level of the nest goes down to zero again.

You can use the bee nest as many times as you want as long as the bees around it are still alive.

How to use honeycomb in Minecraft

As we’ve said before, you can create several objects with your honeycomb.

You can create a beehive – which holds up to three bees at a time – to eventually obtain more honeycomb without having to travel to the nest every time.

They will not come with bees but you can lure them with flowers as you can place the beehive wherever you want.

To create it just fill the top and bottom rows of your crafting table with planks and the middle row with honeycombs.

You can also create candles – which are turned on with flint and steel – for light.

To craft one, place one piece of string above one piece of honeycomb on the crafting table.

If you want, you can also create a honeycomb block – which is a decoration made to look like a honeycomb.

Just form a square with four pieces of honeycomb on your crafting table and you have yourself.

Finally, if you have some copper items which you want to prevent from oxidising, then you can create some waxed copper to help them keep their original colour.

Combine one piece of honeycomb with any object you have made out of copper and you’ve got yourself some waxed copper.