I work at GameStop – these are the WORST things shoppers say to me


GAMESTOP employees have taken to TikTok to share the worst customer complaints and queries.

So think twice before coming to the counter with any of these questions.

TikTok gives a look inside what it’s like at the front desk at GameStop

GameStop is one of the few brick-and-mortar gadget stores that survived both the e-commerce wave and the COVID-19 pandemic (Radio Shack and Circuit City weren’t so lucky).

Statistica says that as of last year, there are more than 3,000 GameStop locations here in the United States – more than three times the amount of JC Pennys.

With so many stores, GameStop needs loads of in-person customer service.

Employees have taken to TikTok with their top tips – but there’s plenty of content highlighting cringy questions from oblivious customers.

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@voomaid, a TikToker with more than 25,000 likes, posted a video rattling off the worst questions she gets at the desk.

“Where do I find Fortnite?”

Fortnite is downloaded from the console’s cloud computing system – it is not a disc game bought in-store.

“Do you have any PS5s? Well, when are you going to get more?”

Playstation 5s have been in short supply since their launch – premium passes to sites like Walmart+ and Amazon are the best ways to get in on the small amount of inventory.

Another TikToker went against the grain and used her video to showcase how uninterested customers are in the GameStop pro card.

“Can I get a pro card, I think I need one,” she said, sarcastically.

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GameStop is perhaps best known for being a meme stock during the Reddit-led attack on Wall Street hedge funds.

Today, the company is worth about $9billion dollars in market capitalization.