‘It’s everything I wanted’ Dark Souls fans are shocked by game-changing Elden Ring announcement


Exciting Expansion Revealed for Elden Ring

Dark Souls fans were left in awe after the announcement of a game-changing expansion for Elden Ring, the legendary game developed by FromSoftware.

FromSoftware: The Mastermind Behind the Soulslike Genre

FromSoftware, the studio behind Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, is known for revolutionizing the soulslike genre and captivating gamers worldwide.

Shadow of the Erdtree: A New Adventure Awaits

The upcoming DLC expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, promises a thrilling new story, perilous dungeons, and exciting battles in uncharted territories.

Release Date and Pricing

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is set to be released on Friday, June 21, 2024, at a price of $39.99 / £34.99, requiring the base game Elden Ring to play.

Immerse Yourself in the Adventure

Get ready to dive into the riveting world of Elden Ring's new expansion, where drama, intrigue, and epic battles await.

Experience Victory and Conquer New Challenges

Unleash your skills, face formidable adversaries, and revel in the triumph of victory as you embark on this new adventure in Elden Ring.