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New Batman Game: Suicide Squad to Introduce Joker as Playable Character in Season 1


Rocksteady's Highly Anticipated Suicide Squad Game

After several delays and changes in plans, the creators of the Arkham Trilogy are finally set to release their new Batman game. Fans have been eagerly waiting to play as Harley Quinn and the rest of the Suicide Squad, and it seems they're in for a surprise.

Introducing the New Joker Model

Rocksteady has recently revealed the new Joker model for the upcoming game. This long-awaited release, titled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, was initially scheduled for 2022. However, it was delayed due to disappointing feedback from fans.

A Departure from Rocksteady's Previous Games

Rocksteady's previous games in the Batman universe were critically acclaimed, with two games receiving rave reviews and high ratings on Metacritic. However, Suicide Squad will be a complete departure from their previous work, as it will be a live-service game.

Free Updates and New Playable Characters

Unlike their previous titles, Suicide Squad will receive free updates throughout its lifespan. These updates will introduce new playable characters and gameplay elements. Rocksteady has already unveiled the first additions for Season 1, including the highly anticipated Joker as a playable character.

Exciting Joker-Themed Additions

Along with making the Joker playable, Rocksteady will be adding several Joker-themed elements to the game. This includes a new playable environment, two new episodes with missions and activities, as well as new boss fights and enemy variants. Players can also expect new DC-themed weapons, gear, and Riddler content.

Seasons 2 through 4 on the Horizon

Rocksteady has already made plans for Seasons 2 through 4, which will introduce a new playable character and environment in each season. The intention is to offer these seasons for free to players who have purchased the game, in the hopes of keeping them engaged and playing.

Controversial Battle Pass System

However, Suicide Squad will be implementing a controversial Battle Pass system. This system will require players to pay for each season update, which has received mixed reactions from the gaming community.

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