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New Mickey Mouse Horror Game Announced Hours After Disney Icon Enters Public Domain with Demonic Mascot Hunting Players


Introducing Infestation 88

A new Mickey Mouse horror game has been announced less than 24 hours after the iconic Disney cartoon character entered the public domain. Nightmare Forge Games released the trailer for Infestation 88 – a survival game where players are hunted by an early version of Mickey Mouse featured in the short film Steamboat Willie.

The Transformation

In the trailer, an enormous, gory Mickey Mouse, far removed from his beloved days as the face of Disney, is seen attacking exterminators as they try to fend off the rodent outbreak. The developers describe the 1-4 player game as a rodent outbreak in 1988 that "morphed into something far more sinister."

A New Era

The original Mickey Mouse received the same fate as Winnie the Pooh, as the beloved Disney mascot has been converted into a wicked hunting machine. This comes after nearly 100 years under Disney's control, as the earliest version of Mickey Mouse entered the public domain on New Year's Day.

Steamboat Willie's Legacy

Steamboat Willie is a 1928 short film featuring early non-speaking versions of Mickey and Minnie. It was the film debut for Mickey and Minnie and was widely seen as the moment that transformed Disney's fortunes. Now, the public has the right to creatively use the breakout black-and-white Disney characters strictly as they appeared in Steamboat Willie.

Continuing Trend

The evil workings of Mr. Mouse came two years after Winnie-the-Pooh also entered the public domain in January 2022. Since then, the chubby, playful, clumsy bear has become a serial killer in the slasher movie Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey. In 2024, Pooh and Piglet's pal Tigger also landed in the public domain.

A release date for the Infestation 88 video game has yet to be announced.

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