Neymar appears in his second shooter of the year after CoD:MW2 rumours


NEYMAR will be appearing in battle royale shooter PUBG as a purchasable skin.

PUBG announced its collaboration with the Paris Saint-Germain forward, which includes a skin, billboards, building decorations, and footballs.

PUBG has announced a collaboration with Neymar.

He will be purchasable in-game after PUBG’s 20.2 update, which is due on November 9 for PC, and November 17 for console players.

Another Paris Saint-Germain player is also scheduled to arrive in the game alongside this update.

It was previously revealed that Messi would be appearing in PUBG.

However, now that Neymar’s involvement is known, more details about the release have been uncovered.

Both Neymar and Messi are apparently avid gamers, with Messi, in particular, expressing his love for PUBG Mobile.

However, PUBG isn’t the only shooter that the pair are rumoured to appear in.

Dataminers looking into the code of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 found a list of footballer’s names in the list of currently unreleased operators.

These included the Paris Saint-Germain pair, and Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba.

Once the game launched, players found the models for both Neymar and Pogba in the multiplayer mode.

However, Messi was missing. As his PUBG debut was announced shortly afterwards, it was believed that he wouldn’t be coming to CoD:MW2.

Now that we know that Neymar will be appearing in both games, it seems that the PUBG contract is not exclusive.

This means that Messi could still be coming to CoD:MW2, but that his model will arrive in the game at a later date.

CoD:MW2 has not officially announced the collaboration with the trio, so no release date has been confirmed for their appearances.

When they do appear in-game, they will likely be as purchasable skins, or DLC, if the release follows the pattern of previous collaborations.

Most interesting is the announcement of Neymar-themed footballs, with fans left wondering how they will be used in-game.

People are speculating that they could be used as some kind of weapon or distraction against opponents. 

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.