Nintendo Reveals New Switch Consoles and Bundles – Fans in Frenzy


Fans Go Wild for Cute Switch Lite Designs

Nintendo has just announced two new Switch consoles and a number of bundles to entice new buyers. Fans are going wild over these cute Switch Lite designs, and excitement is building for the consoles and deals.

New Switch Lite Bundles Set for Release!

Set to go on sale from October 20, 2023, two new limited edition Switch Lite bundles are in the works. These consoles are based on Animal Crossing and feature a delightful leaf pattern on the back. Plus, they come with the highly-anticipated Animal Crossing New Horizons pre-installed. Available in Coral or Turquoise, these bundles are sure to fly off the shelves.

Original Switch Bundles with Added Goodies

In addition to the Switch Lite bundles, Nintendo is also releasing two new bundles for the original Switch. While they come in the classic red and blue design, they come with some extra perks. In America, the bundles will include the popular Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, while in the UK, the bundle features Nintendo Switch Sports. What's more, both bundles come with a three-month membership to Nintendo Switch Online, granting access to a vast library of free classic games.

What Does This Mean for Nintendo's Future?

While fans are excited about the new consoles and bundles, they also speculate on what this could mean for the future of Nintendo. The fact that the new Animal Crossing consoles are based on existing Switch Lites, and the Mario Kart and Switch Sports bundles use the original Switches, suggests that Nintendo is looking to sell off its remaining Switch stock. This could be a sign that a successor to the Switch, like the highly rumored Switch 2, is on the horizon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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