People shocked to discover Titanic craft is controlled using cheap knock off video game controller – here’s what we know


THE search is on for Titan, a submersible craft that was due to return from the Titanic on June 20.

As the search continues for the submersible deep-sea craft, more information has been revealed about how the Titan was built.

The wireless controller used to control Titan, with only longer thumbsticks added.

Titan has no GPS, and instead relies on text messages from the surface in order to guide its journey to the Titanic’s shipwreck.

However, previous journeys have noted that the craft can often lose contact with the surface.

This is what happened in this case, when Canadian research ship Polar Prince lost contact with the sub just two hours into the journey.

It seems the GPS tracking isn’t the only place where Titan cuts corners, as it is controlled by a rather unreliable video game controller.

A report from CBS has revealed the inside of the ship and the now infamous controller used to steer the vessel.

The Logitech F710 gamepad is a third-party wireless controller that can be used to play PC games.

It is one of the cheaper and least reliable controllers currently on the market, and suffers from a number of issues.

Numerous reviews on Amazon claim that it often suffers from connectivity issues, where the controller refuses to connect wirelessly.

The controller is also currently on sale on the shopping site.

Google searches for the Logitech F710 often contain terms like “not working” and “cannot connect”.

The reporter, who took part in a dive on the Titan as part of the report, wrote that “it seems like this submersible has elements of MacGyver jerry-riggedness.”

While it is not unusual for video game controllers to be used for important missions these are usually more expensive and reliable products.

The US military is known to use wired Xbox controllers on its submarines, and the Ukrainian army has used Steam Deck to remotely control gun turrets on the frontline.

The reason for the loss of communication with Titan is currently unknown, and the cause of its disappearance has yet to be determined.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.