PlayStation owners urged to follow these steps to keep accounts safe following cyberattack claims


The Allegations

Earlier this week, Sony announced that it was investigating allegations of a cyberattack, in which hacker group RansomedVC claimed to have put its data up for sale. The type of data stolen has not yet been revealed by the criminal group.

The Potential Risk

If the gang's claim is true, millions of PlayStation owners could have their personal information and passwords compromised. This puts them at risk of identity theft and financial fraud, according to cybersecurity experts at SecureTeam.

What PlayStation Owners Can Do

Cybersecurity experts recommend these five steps to ensure account safety:

Step 1: Change your password

If you own or use a PlayStation, it is recommended to change your PlayStation Network (PSN) password immediately as a precaution. Make sure to use a strong and unique password that uses a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. If you use the same password for other accounts, you must change those as well. Consider using a password generator, such as LastPass, which is a free tool accessible on Google.

Step 2: Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security feature that requires you to have two forms of identification to access your PSN account. This makes it much harder for hackers to break into accounts. Nearly all major companies, including Sony, Microsoft, Google, and Meta, have adopted this feature. By enabling two-factor authentication, a one-time code will be sent to your phone or email, which is necessary to log in from an unfamiliar device.

Step 3: Monitor your accounts

Keep a close eye on your Sony accounts to ensure no suspicious activity is taking place. Set up alerts as a reminder to regularly check for any unusual activity. If you notice anything suspicious, immediately report it to both your bank and Sony.

Step 4: Contact Sony support

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, contact Sony's customer support immediately. It is recommended to call them first and then follow up with an email to log any contact.

Step 5: Stay informed with updates

Keep track of reputable media coverage and check for updates from Sony. These updates may come in the form of a press release or a statement on the company website or social media profiles. They will likely provide details on the next steps to take.

By following these five steps, PlayStation owners can take proactive measures to safeguard their accounts in the worst-case scenario.

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