Pokémon players furious after mobile app fumble – many left out of pocket


POKÉMON Go implemented a new feature over the weekend, but bugs left players out of pocket.

PokéStop Showcases was a new type of event that premiered last weekend alongside July’s Community Day.

The event involving Pokéstops was bugged.

The Community Day, which took place on Sunday (July 9), featured fan-favourite starter Squirtle.

Between 2pm and 5pm local time Squirtle would appear more often, and if evolved into Blastoise, would get a special Charged Attack.

The PokéStop Showcases were supposed to take advantage of the increased spawn rate of a certain Pokémon.

Trainers would leave one of the species at certain PokéStops and there would be a reward for the biggest one.

However, a bug occurred during Community Day, possibly due to the implementation of the new event.

Players who are registered via the Pokémon Trainer Club found themselves unable to log in during Community Day.

You can only register a new method of log in if you are already logged in, giving these players no other options.

Even those who were logged in found that the Showcases weren’t working as intended.

Many have said that they saw the banners for the Showcases but couldn’t find the events in game.

Others have reported seeing different leaderboards on the same PokéStop, or not being able to access PokéStops that someone nearby is accessing.

Pokémon Go director Michael Steranka recently stated that Niantic often, “tests things out and makes sure that’s the optimal experience.”

This was in response to the changes to the distance, after the radius within which you could find Pokémon was accidentally increased.

However, it seems that despite saying the experience is  improving, there are still plenty of bugs seen especially in new features.

It seems when it comes to testing, Niantic does the majority of this by using the large player base once the features go live.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.