PS5 owners discover easy tricks to instantly upgrade their console


PlayStation 5 owners, listen up! There are four simple hacks that can instantly improve your gaming experience on the console. Whether it's conserving battery life on your DualSense controller, freeing up storage space, or playing games in peace without being disturbed, these settings will make your gaming sessions even better.

1. Save DualSense battery

Running out of battery on your DualSense controller can be incredibly frustrating. But there are a few changes you can make to extend its battery life. Head to Settings > System > Power Saving and set it to switch off automatically. Additionally, go into your sound settings and mute your microphone "when logged in" to prevent it from draining the battery. Finally, consider reducing the intensity of the haptic feedback to further conserve battery power.

2. Save PS5 storage space

The PS5 automatically records a 15-second 4K clip for every Trophy you earn, which can quickly take up valuable storage space. To avoid wasting gigabytes, go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Auto-Captures > Trophies > Video Clips and limit it to Platinum or None. Additionally, if you've already played Astro's Playroom, consider deleting it to free up almost 11 gigabytes of space.

3. Log in offline

Want to game without being interrupted by friends? You can log in to your PS5 silently, so no one knows you're online. Simply press the menu button on your profile when starting up your console, and choose "Appear Offline" from the hidden options panel. This way, you can enjoy your gaming in peace and quiet.

4. Set presets

Sick of constantly adjusting settings for each game you play? Your PS5 has a menu that lets you choose presets for all your video games. This includes options like difficulty, performance or resolution mode, first-person or third-person view, subtitles and audio preferences, and even online multiplayer settings. Once you've set your preferences, games will default to these settings in the future, saving you time and hassle when starting a new title.

With these easy tricks, you can optimize your PS5 for an enhanced gaming experience. So don't wait – start making these changes today!

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