Resident Evil 4 players are missing this one item that will help them level up their game


ONE of Resident Evil 4 remake’s greatest treasures is one you can’t find on the in-game map.

Rhinoceros Beetles can only be discovered if you check in the Model Shop and find that you are missing one entry.

Rhinoceros beetles are one of the game’s best items.

There are just three in the game and they are worth 10k pesetas if you sell them, or can increase your maximum health if consumed.

Here are all the Rhinoceros Beetle locations in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

RE4R Rhinoceros Beetles: Village location

The first beetle can be found in the Lakeside Settlement, but cannot be captured until the night section in Chapter 4.

You can find it as you are crossing the lake on the north side.

Look around a tree that is near where you entered in Chapter 1, and your insect friend will be attached to it.

RE4R Rhinoceros Beetles: Castle Location

This one can be first obtained in Chapter 8 just after Ashley attacks you.

You will start the chapter near a fountain with a fish in it, which is the same area you find the Jewel Thief request item.

The beetle is on the left side of the back wall.

RE4R Rhinoceros Beetles: Island Location

The beetle located on the Island is the hardest one to find, and is available after the Krauser fight in Chapter 14.

When you jump down and the first cutscene begins, Krauser will shoot at you with a TMP and a bow.

You can then backtrack to find the beetle standing on the wall you just jumped down from.

Written by Dave Aubrey and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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