Save Money on Nintendo Switch Games with This Simple Trick


Take Advantage of Nintendo's Wish List Feature

A SIMPLE Nintendo trick could save you money if you use it right. It's perfect if you're an avid gamer that likes to buy Nintendo Switch titles regularly. Many people forget that the Nintendo Switch eShop has a special Wish List feature. This lets you save games that you want to purchase in the future. Nintendo will notify you when those games go on sale, so you can wait for a deal and avoid paying full price.

How to Use Nintendo Switch Wish List

The Wish List is extremely easy to use. Simply go to the Nintendo Switch eShop online, find a game that you like, and tap on the heart icon to add it to your Wish List. You'll know that it's been added because the heart will be full and not empty. Then you can access your Wish List from the eShop menu or a floating heart icon on some platforms.

Play Smart Across Different Platforms

Of course, it's not just the Nintendo Switch that has a wishlist feature. Sony and Microsoft offer similar functions on the PlayStation and Xbox. On the PS5, go to the PlayStation Store, choose the heart icon on a game page, and view your wishlist from the main heart icon. Receive notifications when wishlisted games go on sale. On Xbox, head to the Store, choose Add To Wish List on a product page, and set up notifications to receive alerts when wishlisted items go on sale.