Scratch your Wordle itch with copycat game that has ‘infinite’ puzzles


WORDLE’S surging popularity meant that clones of the puzzle weren’t far behind — and now Wheeldle is here.

The game is also browser-based and uses the exact same format as Wordle, but with one big difference.

Wheeldle takes the unique aspect of Wordle and scraps it for more generic gameplay

Unlike Wordle, which has one puzzle per day that’s shared by everyone, Wheeldle is infinite.

“As a fun project I’ve made an INFINITE Wordle with a score tracker called Wheeldle,” tweeted creator Michael Whelan.

A tabletop rpg designer, Whelan acknowledges that the game “isn’t original at all” and is just a fun learning exercise.

The project will serve as the base for another game he’s working on that uses Worlde’s puzzles as a gameplay mechanic.

He’s not said much about the impending title other than it’s a “Wordle roguelike.”

Wheeldle isn’t quite as refined as Wordle right now, and players have run into a few snags.

One player was unfortunate enough to get a racist slur as a puzzle solution, while others are flagging up visual issues.

Whelan explained that the words used are from an online database of five-letter words, but that they’re currently being vetted for inappropriate entries.

There’s also no colourblind mode so accessibility isn’t on par with Wordle.

And there were also complaints that the redundant letters didn’t look different enough to the unused options, but Whelan has already fixed this.

He’s not the only one to put out a Wordle clone while the internet is still buzzing about it.

Fellow game designer has made their own open source Wordle clone called Word Game.

This variant has both a daily puzzle as well as an infinite version.

You can check out our Wordle tips and tricks and use the strategies for all of the other five-letter word puzzle clones.

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