Sony reveals plan to address backlash over deleted PlayStation purchases


PLAYSTATION owners can now breathe a sigh of relief as Sony announces an update to its controversial plan to delete some digital purchases.

Backlash over disappearing content

Gamers were left outraged after receiving an email in December, informing them that certain purchases would be removed at the end of the year, without any refund options. The move sparked a massive backlash.

New agreement with Warner Bros Discovery

Sony's decision to remove certain TV shows, including Mythbusters and Say Yes to the Dress, was due to the expiration of a content licensing agreement with Warner Bros Discovery. However, the two companies have now reached a new agreement to prevent the disappearance of purchased content, at least for the time being.

Temporary relief

While Sony's update provides temporary relief, users are still concerned about the lack of ownership and control over their purchased content. Sony has assured customers that they will be able to access their previously bought content for the next 30 months, until June 30, 2026.

Concerns from PlayStation owners

PlayStation owners have expressed their dissatisfaction with the limited timeframe, calling it "laughable" and "only a bandaid." They argue that Sony's total control over purchased content undermines the concept of media ownership.

Past incidents and ongoing challenges

This is not the first time Sony has faced criticism for removing digital content. Last year, movies and shows from Studio Canal were permanently removed without any reprieve. Additionally, Sony recently stopped selling digital movies and TV shows on the PlayStation Store in 2021.

Warner Bros Discovery, on the other hand, is facing its own challenges, including project cuts and potential mergers to compete with streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+.

Changes in the streaming industry

The streaming industry has witnessed several changes recently, with Lionsgate+ shutting down its UK platform and the Peacock brand disappearing from the UK market. These developments highlight the ever-evolving nature of the streaming landscape.

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