Surprise Steam Game Becomes a Massive Hit After Being Released for Free


Unexpected Success

A recent game, Content Warning, took the gaming world by storm by launching on Steam without any prior announcement and offering it for free for the first 24 hours. This move resulted in a staggering 200k concurrent players, showcasing its popularity among gamers.

Rave Reviews and Gameplay

Despite its humble beginnings, Content Warning has received a remarkable 9/10 rating on Steam. The game features two- to four-player online co-op gameplay, where players team up to capture spooky events and aim to go viral online. Fans have praised its cute look and engaging social aspect, reminiscent of the successful Lethal Company game.

Continued Excitement

Although Content Warning is no longer available for free, players can still purchase it at a reasonable price of £6.69 / $7.99 on Steam. The game continues to attract players who are eager to join in on the fun and excitement of this social gaming experience.

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