Warning to millions of FIFA players as latest update that completely breaks the game – but here’s the fix


THE latest title update for FIFA 23 has completely broken the game for PS5 players.

Players have complained of both stability issues and being unable to log into the servers.

The latest update is stopping people from playing FUT.

Title Update 12 addressed a number of problems that people were having in FIFA 23.

However, it added in a new issue for players that appears to only affect those playing on PS5.

Taking to social media to see if it’s a problem with all players, many have spoken out about their issues.

One player wrote: “What about FIFA 23? You are going to start the game and after loading the servers, the FIFA menu appears.

“It takes you out of the game saying that there is an error. Since yesterday after the update it is like this. A shame FIFA 23.”

EA Sports is aware of the issue and has written to fans suggesting a workaround.

It seems the issue is to do with how many friends players have on their PSN account.

The company tweeted: “We are investigating reports of some players experiencing stability issues when launching FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5 with TU12.

“Workaround: Reduce your PS5 friends list to 100 or less friends and re-launch the game.”

Many people add friends to their PSN as they receive requests in order to play with them online.

Removing them can be a long process as you have to do so individually.

You may also not be aware of the usernames of everyone you play with online, and not want to delete important contacts.

Many players are refusing to delete people from their friends list as it would require a lot of effort, and could end up hurting others.

Instead, they are hoping that EA Sports will fix the error soon, and people can play FIFA Ultimate Team with their friends again soon.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.