Warning to Spider-Man Fans: Game-Breaking Bug Disappoints Players



Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has finally been released, much to the excitement of fans. However, a bug is causing frustration for some players who are unable to play their copies of the game.

The Highly-Anticipated Sequel

With an impressive rating of 91 on review aggregate site Metacritic, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has been eagerly awaited by fans. Unfortunately, the bug is putting a damper on the excitement.

Trouble with Installation

According to a report by The Gamer, players are encountering difficulties when trying to install the game from the physical disc. Even if you purchase a physical copy for the PS5, you still need to install the files onto the console.

The Stuck Installation Process

Upon inserting the disc for the first time, players have reported that the installation process becomes "stuck." It reaches 36% installed, but fails to progress further.

No Fix Available

At this time, a fix for the bug has not been found. As a result, some players who were among the first to purchase Spider-Man 2 are still unable to play the game.

Physical Copy vs. Digital Purchase

The bug appears to only affect those who have purchased the physical copy of the game. Players who bought the game digitally are not experiencing any issues.

Not an Issue with Individual PS5s

While the majority of players who purchased the physical copy have been able to install Spider-Man 2 without any problems, the number of people encountering the bug indicates that it is an issue with the disc itself, rather than individual PS5 consoles.

Recommendation for Purchasing Spider-Man 2

To avoid any installation issues, it is recommended to purchase the digital version of Spider-Man 2. However, if you have already purchased the physical edition and have successfully installed and played the game, you are unlikely to encounter any further issues.


Despite the game-breaking bug, Spider-Man 2 continues to be a highly anticipated and well-received game. Fans who are eager to learn more about the game can check out our Spider-Man 2 review.

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