What happened to Lester in GTA 5?


LESTER Crest was a fan-favourite character in GTA 5, and one of your main contacts in GTA Online.

However, if you are more of a fan of the online multiplayer, you might not know what happens to him in the main story.

Lester is popular with fans of the series.

As plenty of characters die in the GTA series, you could be wondering if he’ll return in GTA 6.

Here’s everything we know about Lester Crest in GTA 5.

Who is Lester in GTA 5?

Lester is a long-time friend of one of GTA 5’s protagonists, Michael, who calls on him for help in the game.

He agrees to help Michael out, on the condition that he kills Jay Norris, the GTA version of Mark Zuckerberg.

Aside from Lester’s vendetta against Norris, he plans to earn money by buying Lifeinvader (Facebook) stock, and selling it after Norris’ death.

After this, he hires another one of the protagonists, Franklin, to pull off similar stunts with different companies.

A computer genius, he also helps the gang out with a number of robberies and heists, eventually helping them pull off their biggest ever score.

What happens to Lester in GTA 5? 

What happens with Lester at the end of GTA 5 depends on what you choose to do at the end of the game.

You play as Franklin, and are given the option of killing either Michael or Trevor.

The non-canonical ending sees you killing one of your partners, and Lester will send you an email with the money and share his disappointment on how things ended.

However, if you choose to team up and take on the bad guys, Lester will help the trio carry out their plan.

This ending makes it seem likely that Lester will be a returning character in GTA 6, especially as Jay Norris is rumoured to return.

Who voices Lester in GTA 5?

Lester is voiced by Jay Klaitz who has voiced a number of parts in Rockstar’s games.

He has played the voice of Lester since 2013, and voices him in every single appearance he has in the series.

Klaitz has also played unnamed characters in The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Red Dead Redemption.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.