When does the EA FC 24 Companion app come out? Release date and times revealed


EA SPORTS FC 24 is gearing up for its launch next week, and football fans are eager to start playing.

If you can't wait to start building your EA FC 24 ultimate team, the EA FC 24 Companion app is almost here

Before FC 24, previous games in the FIFA series had a companion app released alongside the main game, letting you manage your FUT Club on the go.

The first game in the now-rebranded EA Sports FC series, EA FC 24, will be no different, and EA has confirmed the Companion App's release date and launch times.

Will EA FC 24 have a Companion App?

Yes, EA has confirmed that EA Sports FC 24 will have a Companion app available for Android and iOS devices and it already has a release date.

The EA FC 24 Companion App is set to release later today, September 21, 2023.

What features will the EA FC 24 Companion have?

In short, the EA FC 24 Companion app lets you manage your football club in Ultimate Team from your smartphone.

This includes features like opening Ultimate Team card packs, and using the transfer market to sell and buy players.

Players will also be able to complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) on the go and claim rewards from Squad Battles and other UT modes.

Essentially, the Companion app allows players to do everything there is to do in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, except play matches.

When does the EA FC 24 Companion app come out?

The EA FC 24 Companion app will be released on Thursday, September 21, 2023, at 6pm UK Time / 1pm EDT, on Apple's App Store and the Google Play store.

EA has confirmed both the release date and time, so you should be able to start building their teams in a matter of hours and it's launching simultaneously across all regions.

How do I get the EA FC 24 Companion App?

You can download the EA FC 24 Companion App for free on your Android or iOS phone from your device's app store.

Just search for 'EA FC 24 Companion' after the app launches and tap 'Install', to start downloading.

If you have the FIFA 23 Companion app installed on your device, you still need to download the new one, as the old app will not update automatically.

There's another way to start playing Ultimate Team even earlier, so be sure to check out our EA FC 24 Web App explainer, too.