Who is Monster on The Masked Singer? Latest theories


FANS of The Masked Singer on ITV have got a monster decision to make – who’s behind the Monster mask?

The big blue Monster is keeping viewers guessing, so here’s some clues to the identity, plus fan theories.

Monster is keeping viewers guessing on The Masked Singer

Who is the Monster on The Masked Singer?

The Monster first graced the stage in week two and described themselves as “bright, bold” with “a big personality”.

The celeb behind the mask sang Pharrell Williams’ song Happy in the first round and despite ending up in the bottom three, they were not eliminated.

The big and huggable monster returned in week four to sing Can’t Help Falling In Love By Elvis Presley, which was enough to get to the next round without facing the risk of being eliminated.

Then they gave a clue to their identity by belting out Pussycat Doll’s Don’t Cha.

  • Bright, bold and big personality
  • Come to the UK
  • Big arms
  • Trumpets or Grammys
  • Won a lot of awards
  • Beast mode
  • Hear them roar
  • Hero is Tony Hadley
  • Always tried to be a showman
  • Create your own reality
  • Create characters fro your own story
  • Bookworm as a child
  • Loved rock and roll as a child
  • Mum bought them an amp and a bass
  • Inspired by glam rock
  • Likes to do own thing
  • Sang to a mouse
  • Was a giant
  • Comes from a big family and did talent shows for each other
  • Music always been a big part of their life
  • A relative encouraged gift when they heard them singing in the shower
  • Likes the sound of my voice
  • Got lots of children and grandchildren

The two lies and one truth given by Monster has left fans with a beastly choice. Here they are for you to unravel:

  • I have an identical twin
  • I had a monster hit with Calvin Harris
  • I AM CeeLo Green

So who could it be?

CeeLo Green could be under the monster costume

What are the latest fan theories?

The Monster gave away a big clue with its American accent and happened to mention: “Ive come to the UK to grab every opportunity in this competition.”

The mystery celeb gave away another hint by saying they have won several awards and left viewers even more confused by adding that their hero is Tony Hadley.

Some theories suggest it is CeeLo Green behind the mask, as the trumpet-like objects on the Monsters head look just like Grammy Awards, of which CeeLo has five.

The monster’s love for Tony Hadley could make sense in the case of 44-year-old CeeLo, who stated he was a big fan of Hadley’s group Spandau Ballet back in 2010.

With judge Davina McCall under the impression that the celeb is putting on an American accent, one fan thinks they could be much closer to home in the form of rapper Big Narstie.

One fan wants to it to be Wycombe Wanderers striker Adebayo Akinfenwa, especially after some picking up on the reference to the monster having “big arms” and the physical strength that he has.

The fan said: “if it’s not Adebayo Akinfenwa in the monster outfit I’ll be disappointed.”

Another went for Robbie Coltrane saying ” the clues fit (Gruffalo, Hagrid the Giant) but I you tubed his singing and he has a really clear voice so am not sure”.

The judges were very confused with Donny Osmond declaring that Monster was female, but with the singer changing the words of Don’t Cha to “boyfriend” this seems unlikely.

The guesses were The Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson, Angela Bassett, Rag’n’Bone Man and CeeLo Green.

The Masked Singer final will take place in February

When is The Masked Singer final?

According to ITV, the final of The Masked Singer will take place on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

Five contestants have been eliminated from The Masked Singer so far.

Butterfly was the first to be unmasked, revealing former EastEnders actress Patsy Palmer.

Next, politician Alan Johnson was unmasked as Pharaoh made his exit.

Singer Justin Hawkins was the man behind the Chameleon mask in week three and ex-footballer Teddy Sheringham was unveiled as Tree in week four.

Daisy removed her mask in week five – only to reveal music legend Kelis.

There are several different theories as to who is behind the Monster mask

How can I watch The Masked Singer?

You can tune intoThe Masked Singerevery Saturday on ITV.

Viewers can watch the madness unfoldfrom 7pm every Saturday, with the show running for 90 minutes.

One celebrity will reveal their identity each week – by removing their mask.

All shows will be available to watch shortly after they air via on theITV Hub.