Aldi brings back ‘God tier’ nostalgic biscuits to please fans


Aldi is set to make biscuit lovers nostalgic with the return of the beloved Elkes Sports Shortcake biscuits. The budget supermarket will be stocking the popular Eighties kids' favourite for just 79p starting next week.

Fans devastated by disappearance

After disappearing from stores in 2022, fans of the buttery sport-themed biscuits were left devastated. The shortcake biscuits were a staple for kids in the Eighties, featuring sports like cricket and cycling.

'Never say we don't do anything for you'

Aldi took to Twitter to announce the return of the biscuits and assured shoppers that they are always looking out for them. The supermarket tweeted, "Never say we don't do anything for you lot x." Aldi will be the first retailer to bring the biscuits back on shelves, allowing fans to enjoy the deliciously dunkable treat once again.

Fans rejoice on social media

Excited Aldi shoppers flooded social media with their joy at the return of the "God tier" biscuits. Many shared their memories of enjoying the biscuits at their grandparents' houses. One shopper even said, "That unlocks a memory."

Aldi's decision to bring back the Elkes Sports Shortcake biscuits is sure to bring solace to fans who have been longing for their return. Don't miss out on the opportunity to indulge in this nostalgic treat.

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