Heatwave partygoers hit the town as soaring temperatures get boozy revellers fired up


PARTYGOERS hit the town over the weekend, fired up by soaring heatwave temperatures to enjoy a boozy night out.

Clubbing hotspots like London, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool attracted huge crowds of revellers looking to make the most of the fine weather.

Partygoers flocked to clubbing hotspots to make the most of the heatwave temperatures

One group stuck a pose before continuing on their merry way

Youngsters stumbled home barefoot, looking a little worse for wear after a night on the town

Not put off by the extreme heat, clubbers flocked to city centres to enjoy a night of boozy fun.

One man was spotted dressed as a duck on his stag do wetting his feathers in the urban beach set up in Nottingham’s Market Square.

A group of ladies was later seen stumbling home barefoot in Manchester, looking a little worse for wear after their night on the lash.

Meanwhile, another group of pals struck a pose as they continued on their merry way in Leeds.

And two ladies were seen doing can-can style high kicks through the same city while dressed in skimpy outfits.

Temperatures reached 35C across the weekend, with revellers going out of their way to enjoy the scorcher before the weather is set to take a turn next week.

Brits have been basking in the sun, flocking to beaches and gardens alike to sunbathe.

The Met Office issued and amber warning for “extreme heat” this week.

Droughts have also been declared in many counties, accompanied by hosepipe bans.

But the fun in the sun if expected to grind to a halt from today.

“Isolated” thunderstorms are set to develop, while most of the UK remains balmy, and become more frequent and widespread throughout the week.

From Monday to Wednesday, temperatures are set to drop, followed by thundery spells and the chance of flash flooding by week’s end.

The Met Office has issued three UK-wide yellow weather warnings for tomorrow, with disruption caused by floods, lightning and hail possible.

Four flood alerts are in force in England: on the North Devon coast, the Tidal River Avon in Bristol, West Bay Harbour in Dorset and the Wye Estuary in Gloucestershire.

Tom Morgan, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The heatwave continues through this weekend.

“It will turn gradually fresher into next week, with an increasing risk of showers and thunderstorms.

“There is the potential for some flash flooding in places.”

Partygoers took to the town in skimpy outfits

One pair was spotted doing can-can style high kicks in skimpy outfits

Fancy dress was the order of the day for many revellers