Amanda Holden hosts a romantic dinner in her camper van with husband Chris after daughters set up ‘date night’


AMANDA Holden hosted a romantic dinner in her camper van with husband Chris Hughes after their daughters set up “date night”.

The 49-year-old teased fans about having dinner “out” despite lockdown – before revealing they dined on their driveway.

Amanda Holden and her husband Chris Hughes enjoyed going ‘out’ for date night

“So tonight was the first time Chris had dinner out (in the campervan in the driveway),” Amanda said.

“Our beautiful girls decorated it and @thelittleindiankitchen provided the most delicious takeaway #datenight.”

Amanda posted a sweet snap of her and Chris after their two daughters, Lexi, 14, and Hollie, eight, set up the special evening.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, recently revealed lockdown has boosted her sex life with 66-year-old Chris.

The 49-year-old says her marriage is stronger than ever because of lockdown

Telling HOAR it had made her marriage stronger than ever, Amanda said: “This whole thing has been great for my marriage.

“I know people are talking about it causing spikes in baby-making and divorce rates, but for us it has been brilliant.

“I’m too old for more babies but our relationship is stronger than ever. It’s all about the lockdown loving.

“You’d never know it because whenever I post photos online Chris refuses to be in them — or he takes them — but getting all this time together for once has been great.

“You should see him now, he’s got a big thick mane of hair now, it’s absolutely massive, but that’s fine by me. I love a good head of hair.”

Last week Amanda released her debut single in support of NHS Charities Together.

Amanda’s daughters helped set up the special date night
Amanda admits she tries not to look at the inappropriate comments on her saucy snaps but vows to ‘keep putting them out there’

It is a cause close to her heart after a string of terrifying family health emergencies.

Amanda has been working on her first album for a year but the release has been put back because of the pandemic.

She says: “I can’t believe nobody else has released this song right now to be honest — it seemed so obvious.

“My album was ready to be released around Mother’s Day.

“The first single was going to be around then and then all of this sort of stuff started happening and it all started to feel like the timing was just wrong.

“I mean everybody’s just put everything on hold, haven’t they?

“It just feels nice to be able to do something positive. I’m hoping it will do well and Marks and Spencer will sell out of their T-shirts and we’ll raise lots of money for NHS Charities Together.”

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