Why is Amanda Holden’s BGT dress trending?


AMANDA Holden is known for her sexy style and love of a racy outfit.

However, everyone is talking about a dress the 49-year-old judge stepped out in on BGT.

Amanda Holden stepped out in this very daring dress on BGT

Why is Amanda Holden’s dress trending?

During BGT on September 26, 2020 Amanda stepped out in a VERY daring dress.

It was a blue lowcut off the shoulder gown, which had a thigh high split.

However, the dress started trending as some viewers were not happy with her choice of outfit.

There were claims the plunging gown exposed Amanda’s nipples.

BGT judge Amanda’s low cut dress was trending

How many Ofcom complaints did BGT receive over Amanda Holden’s dress?

Watchdog Ofcom said there were 277 complaints about the September 26, 2020 show, with 235 of them related to Amanda’s dress.

Some viewers thought that the beauty had revealed more than she bargained for due to her hands and microphone’s shadow – combined with unfortunate lighting.

Taking to social media, one fan exclaimed: “Is it me or Amanda’s nipples nearly hanging out of her top?”

A second wrote: “Is Amanda showing nips?!?”

BGT viewers were not happy with the plunging gown she wore

What has Amanda Holden said about the dress?

Amanda has yet to talk publicly about this particular dress, but in 2019 Amanda defended her clothing choices, saying she was “mindful” of the way she looked.

She told Hello! magazine: “There’s no way I’d step out in my pyjamas or rock up without a lash.

“To preserve my own sense of dignity, I always try to look good.

“My nan Ethel used to tell me, ‘Never let your husband see you without lipstick’.

“I’m very mindful of how I look when I go out – which is just as well as I get photographed every day.”

Amanda previously recieved backlash for this dress back in 2017

Have Amanda Holden’s BGT dresses caused outrage before?

Amanda has hit the headlines on numerous occasions due to her choice of outfits on BGT.

This is also not the the first time that she has faced complaints to Ofcom from disgruntled viewers:

  • In 2017 – Viewers complained to Ofcom when she stepped on stage in a glittering dress with a very revealing V neckline which reached to her stomach.
  • In 2018 – Amanda faced a backlash for a see through dress she wore.
  • In 2019 – Viewers were left shocked when she emerged onto a BGT semi-finals episode wearing just a spiderweb covering her boob.