Asda fan Andy Whyment lands Bacardi & Coke and chicken freebies as he vows to stay boring after Im A Celeb fame


ASDA fan Andy Whyment has landed a heaving crate of free Bacardi & Coke and chicken after vowing to “stay boring” despite his I’m A Celeb fame.

The Coronation Street star admitted being desperate to get back to doing the weekly big shop with his wife despite finishing runner-up in a show watched by ten million people.

Andy Whyment is keen to return to his ‘boring life’

But as a special treat, supermarket giant Asda are making up a home comforts hamper for the actor to enjoy some of the treats he’s missed after his stint in the jungle.

They’ve even offered him a special tour round the Manchester store where he said he’s looking forward to get back to doing his Friday big shop.

A spokesman told HOAR Online: “We loved watching Andy in the jungle. He missed out on the chance to get a roast dinner in camp, so we’ve made sure he gets one when he touches down in the UK after a long flight over from Australia.

“And of course he’ll need to wash it down with a few good cups of tea. We hope Andy enjoys his special treat and look forward to seeing him in his local Asda – hes welcome to have a behind-the-scenes tour of the store any time.”

He enjoyed flying first class home with his adored family today

The soap star says he’ll still be doing the ‘big shop’ at Asda on Fridays

He finished as runner-up in the jungle

Andy confessed to enjoying the normality of life more since leaving the jungle – and was looking forward to getting back to his usual routine after leaving Australia.

He told theDaily Star: Im looking forward to getting back and just getting into my normal boring life of just getting home from work, closing the front door and sitting on the sofa and watching telly.”

The dad-of-two added: “I know my profile is probably going to be higher now. I didnt do [the show] for that reason.

“Ill still remain myself. Ill still go to Asda on a Friday and do the big shop with my wife.

Andy said Barcardi and Coke was his favourite drink in the jungle

Andy, who has played Kirk Sutherland in the soap since 2000, lives in Atherton, Manchester with wife Nichola and kids Tom, 10, and Hollie, eight.

He revealed on I’m A Celebrity that his favourite drink was Bacardi & Coke – raving about having one after a challenge that gifted them alcoholic drinks.

One viewer tweeted: “I want someone to love me as much as andy whyment loves bacardi and diet coke.”