Emmerdales Aaron Dingle will seduce Luke Posner in explosive love triangle with Victoria, say convinced fans


EMMERDALE fans are convinced Aaron Dingle is going to end up sleeping with Luke Posner sparking a bombshell love triangle with Victoria Sugden.

The heartbroken mechanic – who is played by actor Danny Miller in the ITV soap – has been determined to drive Luke and his mum Wendy out of the village because of their being related to Victoria’s rapist Lee.

Fans are convinced Aaron and Luke will get together

Lee was murdered by Aaron’s husband Robert – a crime for which he is now serving life imprisonment for.

Luke, meanwhile, has been growing closer to Victoria with the pair unable to stay away from each other.

But while Aaron has been harassing Wendy for Victoria’s sake, fans have noticed he shares chemistry with Luke and they are predicting a huge twist.

One wrote: “I reckon Luke and Aaron will soon be an item….you heard of here first.”

A second said: “Aaron and Luke will start something! #emmerdale”

Aaron and Luke have chemistry, say convinced fans
Victoria and Luke have grown closer despite his mum’s unhinged behaviour towards her

Another added: “I keep thinking about how #Emmerdale might just be twisted enough to have Aaron cop off with the brother of the guy his husband killed…”

A fourth tweeted: “Well after forcing myself to sit through an episode of Emmerdale whilst someone in the household was catching up, it has to be said that this ‘Aaron’ has far too much sexual chemistry with ‘Luke’ than he should do, providing that he supposedly hates him.”

It was recently confirmed that Victoria will go into labour on New Year’s Eve before welcoming her new son in the new year.

But after the traumatic conception, Victoria is terrified to look at her son worried that she will see his evil father, but fortunately that isn’t the case.

She immediately falls in love when she holds the baby for the first time, full of love and fiercely protective over him.

Victoria later heads home with the baby mindful that Wendy still lives in the village and is more determined than ever to play a part in her grandson’s life.

* Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm with a bonus episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm