Boy George sparks fears he’ll quit I’m A Celebrity as he breaks down in tears after Matt Hancock arrives in camp


BOY George has sparked fears he’ll QUIT I’m A Celebrity after breaking down in tears over Matt Hancock’s bombshell arrival in camp.

The singer admitted: “I don’t even know if I really want to be here.”

Boy George broke down in tears
Matt Hancock made his debut on I’m A Celeb

He confided in Scarlette Douglas about the emotional reason he feels uncomfortable about being on the show with him.

Boy George said: “You know, beginning of the pandemic my mum was in hospital. I wasn’t allowed to see her. I thought she was going to die.

“I was tweeting Greenwich hospital going, ‘Please look after my mum.’ I used my name, I was like ‘Please look after my mum.’

“And they did, she was fine… I feel like, I don’t want to be sitting here like I’m having fun with him. 

“It’s difficult for me because, you know, had something happened, if my mum had gone, I wouldn’t be here now. I would have gone when he walked in.” 

Boy George in the Bush Telegraph then broke down in tears as he reflected on the new arrival.

“If I had lost my mum, I would go,” he said.

“And I feel a little bit selfish, you know, just kind of… everyone’s so nice to him and I was like Jesus, what we gonna do?

“I don’t want to spoil this experience for myself. I’m not good at hiding what I feel. Especially when it’s something so strong.”

One worried viewer said: “I really hope Boy George doesn’t leave, especially not because of Matt Hancock.”

Someone else added: “Boy George is deffo pissed about this whole situation. And I don’t blame him.”

Another said: “Imagine Boy George walked because Matt Hancock is there. The only celebrity being paid more than Matt Hancock. ITV would eat themselves.”