Rishi Sunak confirms RAF planes shot down Iranian attack drones targeting Israel to fight ‘dangerous escalation’


RAF jets obliterated several Iranian attack drones, the PM confirmed as he condemned the "dangerous and unnecessary" assault on Israel.

Iran's Provocation

The PM said the impact on regional stability had Iran's plot succeeded would be "hard to overstate". Explosions are seen in the skies above Jerusalem as Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed to hit back at Israel after a strike on his country's consulate in Syria.

RAF Response

Warplanes stationed in Iraq and Syria intercepted the onslaught unleashed by Tehran, with Israel reporting a significant number of drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles sent by Iran.

International Efforts

Thanks to an international coordinated effort, the majority of the missiles were intercepted. The UK sent additional planes to the region as part of ongoing operations to counter Daesh in Iraq and Syria, successfully shooting down a number of Iranian attack drones.

Call for De-escalation

Mr. Sunak will join US President Joe Biden on a call with G7 leaders to address fears of further escalation. The assault was in response to a strike on an Iranian consular building in Syria, marking the first direct military assault by Tehran on Israel.

UK's Stance

Health Secretary Ms. Atkins emphasized the UK Government's focus on de-escalation in the Middle East to prevent any miscalculations or further escalation of events.