First Dates Star Cici Coleman Supports Fred Sirieix After Clash with Nella Rose


First Dates star Cici Coleman has shown her support for her former boss, Fred Sirieix, following his recent clash with YouTube influencer Nella Rose. Cici, who worked with Fred on the Channel 4 series, took to Instagram to express her solidarity with him.

A Bitter Row

The disagreement between Fred and Nella started innocently enough, but quickly escalated into the most heated argument of the series. Nella accused Fred of offending her and questioned his intelligence. She recounted an incident where Fred made a comment about their age difference, which she found disrespectful.

An Apology and a Misunderstanding

Realizing his mistake, Fred quickly apologized to Nella. He expressed his regret for any offense caused and explained that his comment was not meant to belittle her. Nella, however, stood her ground and refused to accept his apology.

During a private conversation in the Bush Telegraph, Nella reiterated her feelings about the incident. However, when the clip of their conversation aired on I’m A Celebrity, it seemed to suggest that Fred’s comment was more about his own age than anything else.

Fred’s fiancée has also spoken out about the uncomfortable scenes.