First Dates star Fred Sirieix reveals wedding plans with long-term partner


Fred Sirieix set to tie the knot in Jamaica

Fred Sirieix, the popular host of First Dates, has opened up about his upcoming wedding plans with his long-term partner, affectionately known as ‘Fruitcake’. The couple, who have kept their relationship out of the public eye, will be getting married next year in Jamaica. Sirieix shared the news while appearing on I’m A Celebrity, and even received an offer from his campmate Sam Thompson to organize his stag do in Las Vegas.

From a chance meeting to a lasting romance

The TV star shared the story of how he met his fiancée, saying that he was instantly drawn to her smile and eyes when they crossed paths in Peckham. Nine years later, their relationship is going strong, and Sirieix describes his partner as a fun girl who makes him laugh. He also revealed that he doesn’t believe in using cheesy chat-up lines and instead prefers to go with the flow.

Dealing with fame and fan interactions

As a popular TV personality, Sirieix has experienced the challenges that come with fame. He receives interesting messages on Instagram, some of which are of a saucy nature. However, he doesn’t feel the need to reply to all of them. He also shared that fans often approach him on the street for selfies, but many are surprised to find that he is shorter than they expected. Despite this, Sirieix embraces his height and has no plans to wear height-enhancing shoes like his friend Gino D’Acampo.

Love is in the air at First Dates

Sirieix, who has been hosting First Dates since 2013, shared his insights into the show and how he can tell if a date is going well. He believes that body language and the way they look at each other can reveal a lot about a couple’s connection. He also mentioned that he is always there to lend a helping hand if a date is not going as planned, but ultimately, it’s up to the individuals to set the pace of their interaction.

A love for French food and travel

Aside from his TV career, Sirieix has a passion for French cuisine and considers it his favorite. He particularly enjoys dishes like steak tartare and oysters. However, he also appreciates British food and mentions that he loves Sunday roasts and traditional British desserts like crumbles and toad in the hole. Additionally, Sirieix is an avid traveler and is currently partnering with to promote travel health and vaccination requirements. He shared that he has had some unfortunate encounters with stomach bugs while backpacking in his twenties, but that hasn’t stopped him from exploring new destinations.

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