I’m A Celeb Episode Mysteriously Disappears from ITVX After Jamie Lynn Threatened to Quit and Nella Clashed with Fred


Confusion Among I’m A Celebrity Fans

I’m A Celebrity fans were left scratching their heads after last night’s episode mysteriously disappeared from ITVX. Tuesday’s episode saw Jamie Lynn Spears threaten to quit, and tensions in camp rise after Nella Rose clashed with Fred Siriex. So, those who missed the show were keen to catch up this morning, only to find that the episode wasn’t available to watch online. The episode was available earlier in the morning but disappeared at around 10am. Fans took to social media to express their confusion and seek answers.

ITV Contacted for Comment

HOAR contacted ITV for comment regarding the disappearance of the episode. Fans anxiously await an explanation for the sudden unavailability of the show.

Relief for Fans as Episode Returns

Fans will be glad to know that the episode is back on ITVX, and they can now watch the episode they missed. After a period of confusion and frustration, viewers can finally catch up on the latest happenings in the I’m A Celebrity camp.

Tension in the Camp

Last night, Nella erupted at her campmate Fred when she took offense to a comment he made by the campfire. Fred tried to get Nella’s attention to offer her some food for breakfast, but she kept ignoring him. Nella expressed her anger in the Bush Telegraph, explaining that she was upset because one of the first conversations they had together involved her opening up about her deceased father. Fred then approached Nella to apologize, but she made it clear that she did not want to speak to him or accept his food. The tension between the two campmates continues to rise.

Jamie Lynn’s Emotional Breakdown

During Tuesday’s episode, Jamie Lynn broke down in tears once again. After Sam Thompson, Danielle Harold, Grace Dent, and Marvin Humes returned to camp with their luxury items, Jamie Lynn expressed her guilt for needing constant support from her campmates. She questioned why she couldn’t be stronger for them, expressing her desire to not be a burden. Jamie Lynn’s emotional state adds another layer of intensity to the already dramatic camp dynamics.

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