I’m A Celeb Fans Complain About Format Shake-Up


Viewers Express Disappointment Over Show’s New Direction

I’m A Celeb fans have voiced their complaints, stating that it’s “too soon” for the show’s recent format shake-up. The popular ITV show returned to our screens on Sunday with a star-studded line-up, but some fans believe the show has gone soft on the contestants.

Confusion Over Early Introduction of Luxury Items

During last night’s episode, viewers were surprised to see contestants Danielle Harold, Sam Thompson, Grace Dent, and Marvin Humes introduced to luxury items so early in the program. Fans took to social media to express their confusion and disappointment.

Mixed Reactions on Social Media

Many fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the show’s changes. One user questioned the timing of the luxury items, stating, “#ImACeleb isn’t it a bit too soon for their luxury items? Normally it’s at least 4 days in before they do that.” Another chimed in, “Luxury items 3 days in is a bit soon no? #ImACeleb.”

Contestants’ Choices and Disappointments

The four contestants managed to win various luxury items, including a lilo, lip gloss, a cushion, and a personalized pillow. However, they were disappointed not to retrieve Jamie Lynn Spears’ item due to her emotional state. The show’s executive producer, Olly Nash, revealed that contestants often request practical or morale-boosting items.

Clash Between Nella and Fred Siriex

Last night’s episode also saw a heated clash between Nella and Fred Siriex. Nella took offense to a comment Fred made about their age difference, citing her personal loss. The tension between them escalated, leading Nella to express her desire not to be around Fred anymore.

Nigel Farage Recounts Near-Death Plane Crash

Nigel Farage shared a harrowing experience of surviving a plane crash that left him with broken bones and a punctured lung. The incident left viewers captivated by his story.

Jamie Lynn Threatens to Quit

Jamie Lynn, one of the contestants, broke down in tears and threatened to quit the show, adding to the emotional rollercoaster of the series.

Confusion Over Show’s “Blackout”

Viewers were left perplexed when the show experienced a blackout moment, leaving them wondering what was happening.