I’m A Celeb feud ‘exposed’ by fans who say Tony Bellew ‘absolutely loathes’ co-star


I’m A Celebrity has a new feud that has been ‘exposed’ by fans who say Tony Bellew ‘absolutely loathes’ one of his co-stars. Viewers have suspected that the boxer’s patience is wearing thin with Sam Thompson, known for his excitable and fun-loving personality. As Sam attempts to strike up a close friendship with Tony, fans think a secret feud has been brewing between the duo.

Fans suspect a new feud

Viewers of I’m A Celeb suspect that a new feud is developing between Tony Bellew and Sam Thompson. Fans believe that Tony “absolutely loathes” his co-star, with one fan stating, “Tony HATES Sam.” Others have agreed, with one saying, “Tony hates Sam so much,” and another echoing, “Tony hates Sam btw lmaooo.” Some fans have even compared the pair to the characters of Shrek and Donkey.

Comparisons to Shrek and Donkey

As fans observe the interactions between Tony and Sam, many have drawn comparisons to the characters of Shrek and Donkey from the famous Dreamworks film. One fan exclaimed, “Tony & Sam’s friendship is just real life Shrek & Donkey. I’m living for it!” Another shared a screenshot of Shrek giving Donkey some side-eye, stating, “Someone said this is Tony & Sam and it’s the most accurate thing ever.” The comparison highlights the dynamic between the two campmates.

Excessive bromance tactics

While Sam displays his usual excitable personality in I’m A Celebrity, some viewers have accused him of using excessive bromance tactics. Sam has asked Tony if he can sit on his knee and requested to rub sunscreen on his back. These actions have left some fans cringing, as they believe Sam is crossing boundaries with his affectionate gestures towards the former champion boxer.