‘I’m A Celeb in fresh fix row as fans claim Nella Rose’s trial was ‘too easy’ and ‘set up’ for her to win nine stars’


I’m A Celebrity has found itself caught in another fix controversy as fans accuse the show of setting up a trial for YouTube star Nella Rose. During Sunday’s episode, Nella took on the Fright at the Museum Bushtucker Trial. However, some viewers believe that the trial was too easy and rigged in her favor.

Fans claim the trial was ‘too easy’ and ‘fixed’

Nella was tasked with searching through boxes filled with critters in order to find stars for the camp, all while in complete darkness. Despite the challenging conditions, Nella managed to secure nine stars. However, this accomplishment has left some fans feeling skeptical.

On social media, one viewer expressed their suspicion, saying, “Not sure why but I had a niggling feeling she would get an easy trial.” Another commented, “That trial felt too easy, last season when they had a trial in the dark, it was wayyyy more difficult.” A different viewer added, “Nella’s trial is far too easy! Wow, I’m starting to think it’s a fix.” And a fourth person said, “Another boring trial. Too easy. Walk around and put your hand in a box.”

Nella quit after refusing to go into a confined space with spiders

After successfully securing nine out of ten stars, Nella quit the trial as she refused to enter a confined space with spiders. She admitted, “It was very scary. I’m shaking. Fear of the unknown.”

Earlier, it was revealed that show producers were concerned that Nella might walk away from the show after being voted to take on her ninth trial. A source revealed, “Nella has had a rollercoaster experience in the jungle. There was some concern she might throw in the towel and some of the producers thought she could be a flight risk – especially after she had to do another trial. This is her ninth one, and it’s been really hard for her to keep seeing that the public are voting for her. But Nella is a real fighter, and she absolutely smashed the trial.”