I’m A Celeb Star Sam Thompson’s Girlfriend Reveals Shock Health Diagnosis


Zara McDermott shares health update while Sam is in the jungle

Zara McDermott, girlfriend of I’m A Celebrity campmate Sam Thompson, has revealed a surprising health diagnosis while he is participating in the reality TV series. While Sam battles bugs in the jungle, Zara has opened up about her own health concerns.

Public support on social media

While Sam has been named the first camp leader of the 2023 I’m A Celebrity series, Zara has been showing her support for him on social media. However, during a question and answer session with her Instagram followers, she shared a personal medical detail.

Early signs of osteoporosis

Zara disclosed that she is at risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition that causes a loss of bone density and increases the risk of fractures and bone breakages. She mentioned that both her mother and grandmother have the condition. As a result, Zara is making dietary changes to add calcium to her diet and is starting with her coffee.

Recommendations for managing osteoporosis

Weight-bearing exercises like Pilates, walking, and yoga are recommended to build bone strength for those diagnosed with osteoporosis. In addition, incorporating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D into the diet and taking a vitamin D supplement daily can also help manage the condition. Osteoporosis affects over three million people in the UK, with hip and wrist being the most commonly affected areas.

Raising awareness

Last year, Zara attended a reception hosted by Queen Camilla to raise awareness of violence against women. With Camilla’s role as patron of the Royal Osteoporosis Society, she may have some valuable advice for Zara regarding managing her condition.

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