I’m A Celebrity viewers accuse show of being ‘fixed’ after Tony Bellew lands in bottom two


Fans claim public vote is rigged as Bellew faces elimination

Irate viewers of I’m A Celebrity have voiced their suspicions that the public vote on the show is ‘fixed’ after beloved contestant Tony Bellew found himself in the bottom two. Despite his popularity and hilarious one-liners, Bellew was dangerously close to being sent home in Thursday night’s episode when he faced off against Danielle Harold in the vote-off.

Outrage over Bellew’s placement in the bottom two

Angry fans took to social media to express their disbelief that Bellew was the second least popular contestant, with many claiming that the show was rigged. One viewer tweeted, “Between Danielle and Tony? Nahhhh mate it’s rigged. Everyone loves Tony.” Another echoed this sentiment, stating, “This show is proper rigged. I don’t care what anyone says.” Many fans couldn’t understand why Bellew was in danger of elimination, with one fan asking, “Please why was Tony in the bottom. I love that guy.”

Speculation over real reason for Danielle Harold’s elimination

Meanwhile, some viewers have speculated that there may be a hidden reason for EastEnders star Danielle Harold’s elimination before the finale. It has been noted that Harold has been caught making faces and talking negatively about her campmates behind their backs. In particular, she and This Morning’s Josie Gibson were critical of First Dates star Fred Sirieix, mocking him in an episode which sparked a bullying controversy among fans. This behavior may have led viewers to see Harold as two-faced and ultimately vote her off.

Danielle Harold takes a swipe at Fred Sirieix

During her exit interview with hosts Ant and Dec, Harold took a further dig at Fred Sirieix when asked to choose the better chef between Josie and Fred. She responded, “I am going to go with Josie. I prefer the home cooking.” This comment further solidified her negative opinion of Sirieix.