I’m A Celeb’s Fred Siriex Reveals Half Stone Weight Loss and Daily Exercise Routine


TV Chef Shares Weight Loss Journey

I’m A Celeb star Fred Siriex recently took to social media to show off his impressive half stone weight loss. The 51-year-old TV chef shared a photo of himself standing on an electronic scale, revealing a reading of 73kg, which is approximately 11.6st. Siriex attributed his weight loss to the low calorie diet of rice and beans that he had to endure during his time in the jungle.

Dedicated Exercise Routine

In addition to his diet, Siriex also shared his daily exercise routine that he used in the jungle to stay in shape. He explained that he trained every day for 20 minutes, which included basic exercises like push-ups, squats, and reverse squats. Siriex emphasized the importance of staying active and strong, especially when following a low calorie diet that can take a toll on the body.

Shrinking Stomach and Body Confidence

Siriex further revealed that his stomach began to shrink during his time in the jungle, resulting in him eating less as a result. He shared his personal journey of dealing with body image issues and lacking confidence in his younger years. Siriex expressed that being named “Torso of the Week” brought back memories of his teenage years and encouraged his followers to prioritize their happiness above all else.

Old Argument in the Jungle

During his time in the jungle, Siriex caused a stir when he clashed with Josie Gibson after she became the new camp chef, with Tony Bellew as her sous chef. Siriex recently reignited the old argument by cooking a dish of curried goat and making a subtle dig at Bellew. The First Dates star shared a video of his meal, mentioning the use of stock cubes for flavor.

The Stock Cube Incident

The mention of stock cubes in Siriex’s video reminded viewers of a previous incident in the jungle. Bellew was furious with Siriex when he accidentally threw a stock cube into the fire, resulting in Bellew refusing to eat the rice without it. Siriex admitted his mistake and apologized, but the incident caused tension between the two.

Overall, Siriex’s weight loss journey and dedication to his exercise routine serve as an inspiration for anyone looking to stay fit and healthy, even in challenging circumstances like the jungle.

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