I’m A Celeb’s Shaun Ryder reveals he had secret contraband ‘shoved up his harris’ after explosive rows in camp


I’M A Celebrity…South Africa first evictee Shaun Ryder has revealed he had a secret contraband haul far heftier than Gillian McKeith’s salt – a number of cherry-flavoured vapes.

The Happy Mondays hellraiser has confessed all on his smuggled stash after camp was rocked by the revelation the telly diet guru, Myleene Klass and Paul Burrell had all snuck in goodies.

Shaun confessed that he had his own contrabrand with ‘a couple of vapes up his harris’

Shaun laughed: “I had my own contraband anyway. I had a couple of vapes up my harris!

“I can’t be doing without my vapes.

“So the day where we was going off to the jungle, I plugged a few vapes, I put them in a condom and shoved them up my harris.”

It’s the kind of efficiency you might expect from a man who famously DJed wild parties for drug cartels in Mexico alongside his Black Grape and Mondays’ bandmate Bez.

So had he been inspired by any of those clients when “plugging” those vapes?

Laughing, Shaun said: “Well, I mean… let me tell you this, I’ve been drug free for 20 years, 20 years now.

“So 30 years ago, I might have shoved some contraband up my a**e, a long time ago I might’ve shoved something up my bum.”

Shaun told last week of his time with the cartels, revealing to Gillian that the band were paid “a lot of money” for each DJ set.

On the mischief in camp, Shaun added: “Gillian had all sorts hidden in condom.

“As soon as we got in camp, there was a condom on the floor and everyone noticed it, but I knew that my condom was still up my bum.”

The former enemies’ reunion for I’m A Celebrity…South Africa got big billing and their initial meeting seemed frosty.

But being paired up to complete an early task thawed the ice.
Shaun commented: “I’ve bumped into Gillian at least ten times in the last 12 years with her kids, with my kids, and I thought we’re all good.

“But at first Gillian’s head was still stuck 12 years ago, she was ready to battle with me.

“I was working hard at making me and her get on, and as far as I was concerned I got on with everybody and everyone was having a nice time.”

  • I’m A Celebrity…South Africa continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.
The Happy Mondays hellraiser said he’d been drug free for 20 years
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