Is This Morning Host Josie Gibson Being “Pushed” to Victory on I’m A Celeb?


Viewers Accuse TV Bosses of Bias

Some viewers of the popular reality TV show I’m A Celeb have raised concerns that Josie Gibson, host of This Morning, is being favored by TV bosses in an effort to secure her victory. Many believe that she has been given an excessive amount of airtime throughout the season.

Controversy Surrounding Bottom Two Elimination

In the latest episode, Hollyoaks actor Nick Pickard and TV presenter Josie Gibson found themselves in the bottom two, with Pickard ultimately being evicted from the camp. However, some viewers have accused the network of “pushing” Josie, who anchors their flagship daytime show.

Fans Divided on Josie’s Screen Time

While some viewers expressed frustration over Josie’s prominence on the show, others were thrilled to see her on screen. Opinions on social media have been split, with one person claiming that Josie is their favorite contestant, while another praised the overall cast of the series.

Controversy Over Dodging Trials

Earlier in the season, viewers accused Josie of intentionally avoiding participating in the show’s trials. When faced with the deadly Critter Mixer challenge, Josie attempted to excuse herself by citing previous emotional distress during trials. This led fans to express their frustrations on social media platforms.

In the end, Tony Bellew, Nick Pickard, and Marvin Humes took on the challenge, while Josie and other contestants relaxed in the spring.