ITV viewers spot ‘clue’ that Nigel Farage was ‘furious at campmate’ last night – did you see it?


During Thursday’s episode of I’m a Celebrity, viewers spotted a ‘clue’ that Nigel Farage was furious with one of his fellow campmates. Hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly arrived in Snake Rock to reveal who would be taking on the next Bushtucker Trial. Nigel appeared less than impressed when it was revealed that Grace would be doing the trial instead of him.

Fans think Nigel wanted to be voted to do the challenge instead

It came down to Nigel, 59, and food critic Grace Dent – and after his face fell when Ant and Dec revealed she would be taking on Touchdown of Terror, fans think they know why. Writing on social media, one said: “NIGEL IS FUMING GRACE GOT PICKED OVER HIM.” Another said: “Nigel wanting to do the trials so badly is so funny.” Someone else wrote: “Nigel Farage is insane, this guy is upset because he didn’t get to do the trial.” And a fourth added: “Nigel was so mad again that he got outvoted for the trial again.”

Viewers ‘punishing’ Grace for lack of effort in previous trial

The camp was split into two teams during last night’s show with each one headed up by latecomers Frankie Dettori and Tony Bellow. They were pitted against each other in the Breakfast of Dreams challenge that saw them have to find keys hidden among all manner of nasties. And it seems viewers are ‘punishing’ Grace for her lack of effort in that trial by making her do the next one. One person wrote on X: “Something about Grace is so jarring. ‘I lost my keys in all the stuff’. Ok then find them ya lazy sausage what do you want a locksmith.” Another said: “Why is Grace stuck in slo mo? lazy cow.” A third wrote: “Grace really frustrated me in that trial.”