ITV Viewers Upset by Naked Nigel Farage on ‘I’m A Celeb’


Outrage Over Farage’s Nude Bathing

ITV viewers watching “I’m A Celebrity” were shocked and disgusted after catching a glimpse of Nigel Farage’s rear end during a nude bath in the camp. Many fans took to social media, threatening to call Ofcom and expressing their discomfort at seeing Farage in the buff while eating.

Call For Intervention

One viewer angrily tweeted, “I have been forced to see Nigel Farage half naked on my screen twice now whilst eating!!!!!! Do something!!!!!££. my stomach is turning!!!!” Another echoed the sentiment, writing, “How many times are they finna show us this guy’s nyash ? Ofcom.”

Controversial Footage

Some viewers deemed the footage of Farage’s naked bath inappropriate, especially when others in the camp were showering or bathing. A concerned viewer tweeted, “Bang out of order showing Nigel Farage naked on TV all the time. Completely inappropriate when someone is in the shower or bath.” Another pleaded, “ITV PLEASE STOP SHOWING US A NAKED NIGEL FARAGE I BEG.”

Farage’s Quick Decision

Nigel Farage wasted no time in stripping down during his time on the show. Within 24 hours, he was filmed in the outdoor shower in the nude. The sight of his bare bottom caused quite a stir in the camp, with fellow campmate Josie Gibson jokingly saying, “I’ve seen worse… No, I haven’t!”

The Producers’ Dilemma

Insiders revealed that Farage’s decision to go nude was a calculated move to become the camp’s most interesting character. While some producers were hesitant to air the footage, it was hard to deny that Farage was providing compelling content. However, the show’s executives now face a dilemma of whether to embrace Farage as the star of the show or limit his airtime due to the controversy surrounding his casting and political views.

Farage’s Airtime Concerns

During Tuesday night’s episode, Farage admitted to Grace Dent that he was disappointed not to participate in the day’s trial, as leaving the camp would give him more airtime. His friend Alex Phillips stated that Farage probably had no idea his bare bottom would be shown on television.

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