I’m A Celeb Star Nella Rose’s Furious Attack on Fred Sirieix: The Real Reason Behind It?


Richard Madeley’s Insight

Richard Madeley, former I’m A Celebrity contestant, believes he knows why Nella Rose lashed out at Fred Sirieix on the show.

The Shocking Exchange

I’m A Celebrity viewers were left stunned as Nella Rose called First Dates host Fred Sirieix a “weirdo” and declared that they would never be friends.

The Offense

Fred had offended Nella by making a comment about their age difference, implying that he could be her father.

Blaming Hunger

Richard Madeley, a Good Morning Britain presenter, suggests that Nella’s outburst may be due to hunger. He points out that being in the camp for a few days without sufficient food can lead to irritability.

Richard’s Experience

Richard himself had to leave I’m A Celebrity 2021 early due to health concerns. He mentions that low blood sugar and dehydration can contribute to a person’s mood and temperament.

Nella Rose’s Tragic Past

Nella Rose has been open about the loss of both her parents. Her mother passed away in 2016, and her father’s cause of death has not been disclosed.

Source: The Sun