Nella Rose Slammed by I’m A Celebrity Fans for Boasting About Shoplifting


Unearthed Clip Sparks Outrage

In an unearthed video, popular influencer Nella Rose has faced criticism from I’m A Celebrity fans after she boasted about shoplifting. The 26-year-old London-native appeared to be in hysterics as she recounted the incident in a Footasylum Youtube video.

Laughter and Bragging

During the clip, Nella burst into laughter while talking about her shoplifting experience at Brent Cross. Her co-hosts joined in the giggles, with one even suggesting that shoplifting is something many people have done. Nella, however, refused to disclose the name of the store for which she had done brand work.

Twitter Backlash

While Nella seemed proud of her misdemeanor, Twitter users were not impressed. Some accused her of normalizing stealing, while others criticized her lack of remorse. The influencer’s attitude towards shoplifting did not sit well with many.

The Consequences of Shoplifting

It appears that Nella may not be aware of the legal consequences of shoplifting. In the UK, it is considered an offense that can result in a criminal record and a sentence. The severity of the punishment depends on the value of the stolen goods, ranging from six months for items worth less than £200 to seven years’ custody for items worth over £200.

Controversies in the Jungle

Nella’s time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle has been marked by controversies. She was criticized for being ungrateful and rude after a blunder involving Jamie Lynn Spears. Additionally, her behavior during trials and her feud with Fred Sirieix and Nigel Farage have also drawn negative attention.

Redemption with Fans?

With over two weeks left in the show, it remains to be seen if Nella can redeem herself with fans. Her actions and remarks have certainly left a lasting impression, and it may take more than just time for her to regain their support.