Nigel Farage Faces New Brexit Battle in Camp as Tony Bellew Enters the Ring


Former Boxer Tony Bellew Challenges Farage’s Political Views

In a surprising twist, former heavyweight boxer Tony Bellew is revealed as Nigel Farage’s latest opponent in the Brexit camp. Bellew, known for his strong opinions, previously criticized Farage for his stance on immigration, calling him an “absolute maniac.”

Controversial Remarks on Immigration

Farage sparked controversy with a video message where he discussed the changing demographics of cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester. Bellew responded with a fiery message, questioning the relevance of someone’s race and emphasizing the importance of judging people based on their character.

Entering the Camp

Later this week, Bellew is set to join the camp alongside jockey Frankie Dettori as one of the rumored latecomers. Farage, a boxing fan, is said to have a keen interest in the sport and has friends in the industry, including heavyweight Derek Chisora.

Grace Dent’s Criticism

In addition to Bellew’s challenge, Masterchef critic Grace Dent also took a swipe at Farage, suggesting that he should be grateful to immigrants for potentially saving his life in a previous incident.

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