Nigel Farage shocks I’m A Celeb fans by revealing his real age


The surprise reveal

Nigel Farage, former UKIP politician and third-place contestant on I’m A Celebrity, shocked viewers during the show’s grand finale by revealing his real age. During his exit interview, Farage disclosed that he is turning 60 next birthday, explaining that he felt it was the right time to take on the physical challenges of the show before reaching an age where it would no longer be possible.

Viewers react

Fans took to Twitter to express their surprise at Farage’s age revelation. Many were unaware that he was only 59, with some commenting on how youthful he appeared. The unexpected disclosure sparked conversations among viewers, who shared their thoughts on Farage’s performance on the show.

An “easy trial”?

Before his exit from the show, some I’m A Celeb viewers accused the program of favoritism, claiming that Farage had been given an “easy trial” compared to his fellow contestants. While Tony Bellew and Sam Thompson faced gruesome challenges, Farage’s final trial was comparatively tame. Despite the criticism, Farage successfully completed the trial and earned all five stars.

Reflecting on his win

Following his victory in the final trial, Farage proudly declared that he “didn’t flinch.” His devoted fans and followers praised his performance throughout the show, applauding his fearless approach to the challenges. The episode concluded with Sam Thompson being crowned the new King of the Jungle.