Nigel Farage’s Naked Antics Continue to Shock I’m A Celeb Fans


Former UKIP Politician Bares All on ITV Show

I’m A Celeb fans were left grimacing once again as Nigel Farage‘s bare bottom was seen for a second time. The former UKIP politician was seen completely naked on the ITV endurance show as he opted to clean himself off in the bathtub.

Shocked Celebrities React

During the incident, This Morning presenter Josie Gibson happened to be walking past and gasped: “Frickin’ hell!” Later on, she joked: “Fair play to him, he just gets on in there and at least he’s clean.” Former EastEnders star Danielle Harold was the second star to catch a naked glimpse of Farage and exclaimed: “That’s a sight… for sore eyes.”

Laughter and Wildlife Commentary Ensue

Danielle and Josie couldn’t help but laugh about the situation. They even decided to mimic Sir David Attenborough in one of his wildlife programmes, jokingly narrating Farage’s actions.

Nude Scenes Shock Viewers

Viewers took to social media to express their shock and disgust at the repeated nude scenes. Many were left wondering why Farage was showing off his backside yet again.

One fan exclaimed: “Just when my eyes had recovered, naked Nigel Farage again! #ImACeleb,” along with a puking GIF. Another posted: “Nigel Farage will do anything to get more screen time #ImACeleb.”

Whilst the nudity may have surprised some, it certainly generated a lot of buzz and reaction among viewers. It seems that Nigel Farage’s bare bottom has become an unexpected talking point in this season of I’m A Celebrity.