Nigel Farage’s Relationship with French Politician Laure Ferrari


The Speculation

The romance between Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader, and French politician Laure Ferrari has been a topic of speculation for some time.

The Connection

Ferrari, a 44-year-old right-wing politician, moved into Farage’s £4 million home in West London and was spotted taking out the bins. The two met in 2007 when Ferrari was a waitress, and she later worked with Farage in the European Parliament.

The Denial

When rumors of an affair surfaced, Farage dismissed them, claiming he was just helping out a friend in need. At the time, he had recently separated from his wife of 18 years, Kirsten.

French vs. English Women

Ferrari caused controversy when she claimed that French women were better lovers than their English counterparts. She described French women as discreet and respectful, while branding English women as “drunken tarts” who put themselves in embarrassing situations with married men.

The Leaked Email

An email from Ferrari, which was leaked, was aimed at UKIP aide Annabelle Fuller and accused her of sleeping with Farage. The email also mentioned a three-and-a-half year affair with a mystery married man.

Relationship Status

It is currently unclear whether Farage and Ferrari are still together. However, speculation has resurfaced after it was confirmed that Farage has a secret girlfriend. She will not be meeting him when he leaves I’m A Celebrity, as he intends to keep his family and romantic life private while in the jungle.

Socializing and Separation

In 2017, Farage was seen slow-dancing with Ferrari at a party celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Brexit vote. Meanwhile, Farage’s wife revealed that they had been living separate lives for years, and he had moved out of their family home in Kent.