Roman Kemp jokes giant bull penis belongs to James Haskell before tackling vile Im A Celebrity eating trial


ROMAN Kemp appears to have grown very close to I’m A Celebrity campmate James Haskell.

The radio presenter joked about the former rugby player’s privates when presented with a giant bull’s penis as part of the stomach-churning Bushtucker trial.

When Ant and Dec asked him who he thought the giant member belonged to before being severed and served up on a plate to him, Roman joked: “James Haskell.”

Viewers were in hysterics at his comment.

One wrote: “‘Obviously its a penis can you tell which animal?’ ‘James Haskell’ Brilliant from Roman Kemp #imaceleb”

A second said: “Ant: can you tell which animal the penis belongs to? Roman: James Haskell?! I AM DYING #ImACeleb”

The hunky rugby player was given the compliment by Roman

Another added: “i just laughed at the joke Roman Kemp made about James Haskells penis in front of my mumI’m 15 she’s gonna batter me

Other fans were left horrified as Roman Kemp and Adele Roberts munched on penis, teats and an exploding pig uterus.

On a twisted date with Roman at Just Desserts, Radio One presenter Adele had to swallow vomit fruit, turkey testicles, sheep’s foot.

Roman Kemp munched on fish eyes

Adele Roberts gagged on pig’s uterus

Meanwhile Roman forced down fish eyes, cockroaches, crickets and mealworms, duck’s tongues, cow’s teat and bull’s penis.

Fans were disgusted by the trial that included parts of animals never eaten before in I’m A Celeb’s history.

One said: “#ImACeleb actual bit of sick came up while watching that.”

Another added: “This is actually making me sick wtf. The fishs eye wouldve been it for me #ImACeleb.”

Someone else said: “There is nothing in this world that would make me eat any of that. Id be sick for ever after #imaceleb.”

A viewer said: “I could not do these eating trials, making me feel sick just watching it #ImACeleb.”

Another added: “How are they even managing this? Im about to be sick and Im only looking at them #ImACeleb.”

The trial appeared to break the ice between Adele and Roman, who shared the show’s first tiff yesterday.

Adele got tetchy when Roman quizzed her on why she brought a framed photograph of Jane McDonald into the jungle.

Roman almost threw up during the challenge
Adele tried to imagine her favourite foods while munching on vomit fruit
The Capital Radio host remained focus despite the challenge in front of him
Horrified Adele pushed through to help get a full house

But tonight they were able to joke about it, with Roman teasing:“Swallow the juice, focus on the chew.

“Think how proud Jane (McDonald) is going to be.”

Despite wretching, the pair struggled through and managed to get a full house and ten stars for camp.

The cheeky campmates pretended they’d only won three stars, before owning up when they saw Ian’s face to drop.

Ian laughed: “When Roman actually announced they got ten, I was euphoric. I knew they’d get it done because there was a camaraderie and a spirit and a belief.

“Everybody together, doing it for the common goal.”

Adele, 40, left her campmates and viewers baffled this week when she picked the picture as her luxury item for the jungle and Roman, 26, couldnt resist teasing her about her random choice.

The Bushtucker Trial helped to bond the pair who had a slight tiff

Singer Jane McDonald, 56, shot to fame on fly-on-the-wall TV series The Cruise and Adele is apparently a huge fans of hers but couldnt name one of her songs when asked.

After a tense back-and-forth, Roman said: “It’s just random, mate.”

An irritated Adele finally told him: “That’s prejudice! I’m allowed to like what I want.”

Realising he had made her angry, Roman apologised, saying: “I wasn’t saying that at all. I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to.”

Adele then said: “It’s like you’re saying, ‘Why would I like Jane McDonald?’

“I’m not allowed to like what I want?”

Roman managed to defuse the situation saying: “I like the picture being there,” before giving Adele a hug.