All the clues Love Island’s Luca secretly WANTED Danica to choose him in recoupling


LOVE Island fans are convinced Luca Bish was actually keen for Danica Taylor picking him in the recoupling.

As the newest member of the villa Danica got to pick her partner first and swiped the fishmonger from teenager Gemma Owen.

Love Island fans think Luca was happy that Danica picked him in the recoupling

Danica said: “I’ve decided to couple up with this boy.

“I’ve not been here 24 hrs so it is a weird situation to be in, and I’ve barely got to know any of you.

“You’re all lovely boys but I didn’t come here to play it safe. I can only follow my heart, I can only go on face value.

“Someone that is my type. And I need to explore that unfortunately, so I’m going to have to follow my heart on that one.

“The boy I want to couple up with is Luca.”

The fishmonger stood beside Danica, but turned around to give Gemma a kiss.

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But eagle eye fans think they spotted clues that Luca was secretly overjoyed when she picked him.

Fans backed up their theories with the extra attention Luca seemed to give Danica before the recoupling.

They noticed that he kept taking her between the groups of girls and guys, and they went off for a private chat.

Most significantly, it was when Luca said he “wanted to rip off” Danica’s clothes that set tongues wagging.

“The worst thing is Luca deffo likes Danica and that’s why she’s content,” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another mused: “Why do I feel like luca secretly likes Danica.”

A third added: “I actually think Luca low-key likes Danica. He just knows Gemma would beat him up.”

And a fourth commented: “My theory is Luca likes Danica but doesn’t want to be a villain for the public if he lets on he does.”

Danica Taylor is a 21-year-old dancer from Leicester and before entering the villa, she warned: “I am definitely going to go in there and step on a few toes, and I am more than happy to go after what I want.

“I don’t really see competition, I am a very self assured girl, I know myself, I know what I bring to the table and there are stunning girls in that Villa but I back myself.

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“There’s obviously going to be competition but I have no fear that I won’t be able to turn heads.”

Love Island returns on Monday night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Danice nabbed Luca from Gemma Owen

But Luca admitted he wanted to ‘rip off’ Danica’s clothes even though he told Gemma otherwise